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"To create spaces where living is enjoyable, rejuvenating and nurturing for the soul.""

From Concept to Completion

Roxan is experienced in designing residential and commercial properties interior and exterior, custom residential homes, retail/office spaces and outdoor recreational facilities.  She is comfortable working in a variety of styles, environments, textures and materials and will infuse her clients’ needs and tastes into the functional scheme and guide them with ease and confidence.  Roxan’s first consideration in any project is the layout and functionality which she thoughtfully and artistically plans all the time keeping in mind the life style and desires of the client.  With education on green materials and world travels her design aesthetic are timeless creations.

Coming from the fashion industry, she was a Fashion Designer( from time to time still designing collections) and Creative Director crossing over to home products for major manufactures( bed and bath, table top, china etc.), her products still in the market place today. 

With over a decades under her belt in design, Roxan created R Design.  Being blessed with great people in the building industry whom share the passion of living in great aesthetically pleasing environments like your home or office to gorgeous hotels worldwide, she exudes the passion for creating beautifully functioning spaces.   

She was awarded recognition from City of Los Angeles and State of California Assembly Legislature for her commitment to enriching the landscape of the City of Los Angeles.  Appointed as the Chairman of Community Improvement Projects and Beautification for the City of Los Angeles, creating beautiful commercial streets and improving the local areas, educating youth to appreciate and take care of the environment for which they live in. She has been in many press magazines and a contributing writer for Examiner on Design Home & Garden.  Showcase houses(some being the whole house, not just one room), working on many charity and festival events for Breast Cancer.  Entertainment industry - Music, Film and Television.  Youth group involvement etc. and using her skills in design, marketing and helping the community.

All of her work has been from referrals from business professionals, Doctors, Attorneys, Entertainment Industry Executives from Warner Brothers, Disney, Sony, Universal, Film Directors and Celebrities, Business owners in the building industry, Developers and Real Estate Investors, and everyday people.  They have confidence in her ability to produce outstanding beautiful spaces.   She is always paying close attention to the details and everyday momentum of the design and construction process; including budgets, timelines, dealing with city and county planning, building and safety departments to getting plans approved, dealing with design review boards, specific teams of Structural, Geo, Civil Engineers and Surveyors.  She accesses what each project will need from start to finish, all the details from designing the plans to getting them approved and having it built by the contractors.  Almost a one stop shop, which makes it more streamline because of her tenacity and abilities to get it done working with the best in the industry to make your dreams a reality.